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How to do touch the touch feel

Release date: 2017-03-10 Views: 775
Touch switch is widely used in electronic toys, household appliances, medical equipment, communications equipment and other fields. For the switch we are most concerned about is its life and feel. Touch for many of the many touch switch manufacturers to do it to do the life is very simple is the use of imported stainless steel shrapnel. Some people will start the problem, and this is not very simple to do so, in fact, this is only the advantage of the division. There are many kinds of imported shrapnel

Touch switch manufacturers in the use of imported shrapnel is the most critical part of the time, imports of shrapnel are also divided into many kinds of simple is that there are high-end there are many ordinary customers will be at this time by manufacturers flicker to Korea's imports of shrapnel Said that Japan's imports of shrapnel, use it is the same. But is that really the case? Non-also, imported shrapnel is also a life can choose, such as 5W times the life, 8W life, 10W life.

Can the life of the switch be done? Not the case, the quality and life to be sure is a prerequisite, feel is to seize the customer's heart. That today we say how we want to seize the customer's heart. As a manufacturer and the use of the customer we all know that touch switch has a lot of strength, the most commonly used two kinds of intensity is 1.6N and 2.5N, the intensity is there is error is generally positive and negative 0.3N. Is the most important factor affecting the feel, our production of positive and negative switch tolerance is 0.1N
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