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Touch switch oxidation

Release date: 2017-03-10 Views: 851
Please pay attention to today I explain to you the key words: touch switch oxidation problem, touch switch several times in a row to respond.

Touch switch shrapnel with small black spots, touch the switch pin prone to fake welding problems.

To the majority of customers and peer friends.

In this thousands of law, cohabitation touch switch world, you often because of the choice of manufacturers mistakes and bruised.

Today I will explain to the majority of friends explain the touch switch oxidation problems and bring economic losses.

As the saying goes, if you are good quality, I must be forever, if you are vigorous, I will be with the king must. Okay, nonsense.

1. Touch switch after wave soldering found in the feet do not eat tin, resulting in false welding phenomenon.

Cause Analysis: Touch switch feet oxidized

Why is the feet oxidized? First touch the switch to save the process of sealing performance is not good lead, followed by touch switch metal parts in the plating process plating plating thinning, saving costs ah!

2. Touch switch in the use of the time often appear when the spirit of the phenomenon, it is a headache.

Analysis of the reasons: touch switch shrapnel oxidation, touch switch shrapnel appear small black spots.

Why does the shrapnel oxidize? The first touch of the body structure of the switch seal performance is not good, that is, sub-type touch switch in the production process should also pay attention to the problem of flux, in fact, shrapnel plating material is not good caused by the touch switch shrapnel appear small black spots , So in the use of a few times to be a few times to respond, really exhausted people. Trouble you to do a little bit.

Summary: a small touch switch seems very simple, in fact, it is the real energy is not good quality control, to control the quality of the normal high 2-3 easy to accompany, many people do not understand the lead to the choice The price is cheaper switch, the problem is actually spent more, spend more thought
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