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Touch the role of the switch stroke

Release date: 2017-03-10 Views: 762
The touch switch is made by the internal metal shrapnel to achieve on-off, metal sheet and the base bubble point contact distance is called the trip. The stroke is divided into long stroke, short stroke and middle stroke, depending on the structure size and performance requirements of the switch itself. Shortest limit of the shortest limit of 0.8mm, known as the small trip, the general use of ultra-thin type. In the trip is 0.13-0.3mm between the general is used in plug-in. Long stroke between 3.0-0.5, generally used in silicone keys and weight products. The smaller the trip, the smaller the key sound, the more the higher the distance the greater the sound, the lower the life expectancy. Can be set according to the switch itself to set the trip, you can achieve a sound and silent effect.

Factors affecting the product:
The length of the trip is the most direct impact factor is the action force, the action force is usually divided into: light intensity (120g below), weight (300g or more) and standard intensity (150-250g), the shorter the duration of the switch , The higher the life expectancy; the greater the degree of the greater the greater the degree of travel, the higher its life; the trip is the most standard trip, its life is very ergonomic, it is widely used.
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