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What is the standard certification of the touch switch requirements?

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World Standards: There are currently two world-wide standardized arrangements, the World Standardization Council (ISO) and the World Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
National standard: the state provides a commodity or a similar commodity should meet the needs to ensure its applicability of the standard, divided into mandatory (GB) and referral (GB / T) two.
Paste the touch switch of the additional voltage, the current value of the standard value of the additional voltage preferred value: 130V, 250V and 440V (if other voltage extra value should not be less than 120V additional voltage) Extra current preferred value: 6A, 10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A and 63A, the additional current should not be less than 6A, but the additional current for operating the instantaneous or switch of the bell, the electromagnetic remote switch or the delay switch or the like may be 1A, 2A and 4A.
Safety test of patch touch switch
(CCC) certification is the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) issued by the manufacturers of electrical equipment issued by the certificate, the certificate of the enterprise should be consistent with national standards, "CCC" certification is also the "CCC" certification is the "CCC" certification, "CCC" certification is the quality certification center (CQC) China in the domestic market for the sale of domestic and foreign goods useful means of monitoring, but also electrical appliances to enter the Chinese market access to the necessary pass.
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