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Waterproof patch touch switch silver conductive how

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Waterproof test switch to use scientific test methods to discuss the determination of a variety of materials, devices, products, equipment, construction and other life, industry, the extent of damage and damage; determine, write, issue the appropriate norms and help to reduce and To avoid the formation of the loss of the life of the material industry, together with the actual situation of research affairs.Overall, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and operational security to confirm the transaction, the final intention is to get the appropriate safe level of the product, pastoral: from the village, Country of the creative, pushing the natural form of the day.
Waterproof touch switch heat source and susceptible to heat
Such as: bridge, thermal, iron core, winding, heat sink, input terminal, Fuse, input capacitor, input inductance, filter capacitor, surge absorber, output capacitor, output capacitor, output inductor, transformer, high power semiconductor , Case, heat source parts.
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