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The role and benefits of waterproof touch switches

Release date: 2017-03-10 Views: 816
What is the waterproof touch switch? I think we all know it! Today I come to take you to understand the waterproof touch switch.
I first come to take you to understand the waterproof touch switch it, I first said that our products around how much need to use it.
Use of waterproof touch switch:
Washing machine: Our home washing machine is the most frequently used to deal with water products, so the use of waterproof touch switch is a must.
Battery: Remember our Spring Festival to eat hot pot, delicious soup often sprinkle the induction cooker panel above it? The switch is either waterproof or reimbursed.
Only watch: 2015 hot products, why I do not say how waterproof, ordinary watches are waterproof.
Waterproof touch switch waterproof rating:
There are two general waterproof switch, one is IP67 and IP68
Another point we have to remember, as long as the waterproof touch switch is basically dustproof, so do not worry too much about its dust.
The role of waterproof touch switch:
Waterproof touch switch is what we said above the product is essential to a component, so a lot of water-related products need to use it.
Its role is to ensure that our products in the event of water intrusion can guarantee that it can work, so as to better ensure product quality.
Now the market has no good waterproof switch to do a few, it is recommended that you choose goods praise technology.
Waterproof touch switch size specifications:
Waterproof touch switch 4 * 4, waterproof touch switch 6 * 6, waterproof touch switch 6.2 * 6.2, waterproof touch switch 8 * 8, waterproof touch switch 8.5 * 8.5,
Waterproof touch switch 12 * 12 and other waterproof touch switch.
Waterproof touch switch test mode:
Many people say that the test method is very simple, that is, the product thrown into the water out of the test can be, the correct way is air tightness test,
Do not understand friends can go to the degree of mother about.
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