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Touch switch stuck

Release date: 2017-03-10 Views: 768
Many customers respond, they are outside to buy some touch switch, the sample is very easy to use. But to the real mass production time, the product appeared very unusual. So where do these anomalies come from? Many people do not understand, including some manufacturers of business is not very understand. Today we come to tell you why the touch switch why stuck?
We are in the production process, our switch is to and PCB board welding. Welding method is divided into wave soldering and reflow soldering, wave soldering is a direct connector using a welding method, the normal use of the temperature is 230 °, time is 3 seconds; reflow is a direct patch components of a welding method, Normal is a sub-use, the temperature is generally controlled at 250 °, time is 3 seconds a process down is 10 seconds time. In front of us have said the touch switch bubble problem, today I will not say. The general switch on the market are used in South Korea imports of phosphor copper shrapnel, which products have been on the Internet was reminded of hype, phosphor copper is characterized by cheap, life can reach the standard, simply say that cost is high, the drawback is Encountered high temperature, the shrapnel changes in the arc is relatively large, feel will become lighter, if the welding process will cause flux inflow will cause stuck phenomenon. The problem is not occurring on a single product shrapnel, and the sealing of the switch body is also important. If the body seal of the switch is not good, the product will flow in the welding process. So summed up the analysis, resulting in touch switch stuck the problem is these two points.
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